Yu Okazaki
Yu Okazaki
Birth name
Yoshihiro Okada
Birth date
Birth place
Mie Prefecture, Japan
Other names
Known for

Yu Okazaki (Kanji 岡崎 優, Hiragana おかざき ゆう, Romaji Okazaki Yuu) is a Japanese mangaka and a former member of Dynamic Production. His real name is Yoshihiro Okada (Kanji 岡田 義弘, Hiragana おかだ よしひろ, Romaji Okada Yoshihiro), which he has used in some publications. His blood type is O. He was born on August 28, 1951 in the Mie Prefecture, Japan. After finishing high school, he joined Dynamic Production and, while working as Go Nagai's assistant, he debuted with Hello! Love for the Gakken Naka ni Course magazine. His most representative work is the manga version of the popular 1980s anime Mobile Suit Gundam published from 1979-05 to 1980-02 by Akita Shoten in the magazine Boken Oh. He has also worked in some comic book versions of Cutie Honey and UFO Robot Grendizer.

In the 1990s, after working in Josei manga, he took a break from manga publications, which is still in effect.

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