Susumu Yoshikawa
Susumu Yoshikawa
Birth name
Susumu Yoshikawa
Birth date
Birth place
Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Other names
Known for

Susumu Yoshikawa (よしかわ 進, よしかわ すすむ) is a Japanese cartoonist and a former member of Dynamic Production. His real name is Susumu Yoshikawa (Kanji 葭川 進, Hiragana よしかわ すすむ, Romaji Yoshikawa Susumu, same as his pen name, but written with Kanji instead of the Hiragana-Kanji combination of his pen name). Born in the Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, on July 6, 1950. After being the assistant of Go Nagai for some time, he made his professional debut in 1977 with Atsui Kuni Kara Kita Shojo for the summer vacation special issue 2 of the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday of Shogakukan. His most representative works are Ojama Yurei-kun and Heroine-kun.

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