Sengoku Ninpo Hiroku: Goemon
Sengoku Ninpo Hiroku Goemon (2007)
Cover of the compiled volume of Sengoku Ninpo Hiroku: Goemon
戦国忍法秘録 五右衛門
sengoku ninpou hiroku goemon
Genre Historical
Title Sengoku Ninpo Hiroku: Goemon
Author Ken Ishikawa
Illustrator Ken Ishikawa
Original publisher LEED
Magazine Comic Ran TWINS
Original run 2006-08 ~ 2007-01
Demographic Seinen

Sengoku Ninpo Hiroku: Goemon (戦国忍法秘録 五右衛門, sengoku ninpou hiroku goemon, roughly translated as Secret record of the Sengoku Ninjas: Goemon) or simply Goemon, is a Japanese manga created by Ken Ishikawa. It would be his last and posthumous work. It is based in the legendary ninja and bandit hero Goemon Ishikawa.

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