Robot Girls Z The Novel: Team Z Bakutan Hen
Robot Girls Z The Novel
Original work Go Nagai
Robot Girls Research Laboratory (original plan)
Writer Kazuho Kyodo
Illustrator Tetsuya Kawakami
Publisher Takeshobo
Label Takeshobo Bunko
Released 2014-05-22
Volumes 1

Robot Girls Z The Novel: Team Z Bakutan Hen (ロボットガールズZ THE NOVEL 〈チームZ〉爆誕篇) or Robot Girls Z The Novel: Team Z Explosive Birth is a light novel written by Kazuho Kyodo with illustrations by Tetsuya Kawakami based on the Japanese animation Robot Girls Z from which the writter and illustrator are part of the staff.

The book is a promotional item for the 2014 TV series. It is a prequel of the events narrated in the animation. With 256 pages, the novel was published by Takeshobo under its Takeshobo Bunko imprint, and was released on 2014-05-22, ISBN 9784812489499.


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