Mitsuru Hiruta

蛭田 充
ひるた みつる
hiruta mitsuru
Birth name Yukimitsu Hiruta (蛭田 幸充)
Other names Yukio Asai (浅井ゆきお)
Person information
Birth date 1943-04-24
Birth place Isaki, Fukushima PrefectureJapan
Known for Hoero Ryu
Occupation Mangaka
Nationality Japanese

Mitsuru Hiruta (蛭田充, ひるたみつる, hiruta mitsuru) is a Japanese mangaka and a former member of Dynamic Production. His real name is Yukimitsu Hiruta (蛭田幸充, ひるたゆきみつ, hiruta yukimitsu). He was born in the city of Isaki, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in April 24, 1943.

He was the assistant of Satoru Ozawa for four years before becoming Go Nagai's first assistant in 1968. He debuted professionally in 1970 with Shichiju Shiki Sentoki for the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of Shueisha, using the pen name of Yukio Asai (浅井ゆきお). With Silver Kamen in 1971, he started using the pen name of Mitsuru Hiruta.

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