Cyborg 009 vs Devilman: Treacheries - Uragirimono-tachi
Cyborg 009 vs Devilman Treacheries - Uragirimono-tachi
Original work Shotaro Ishinomori
Go Nagai
Writer Tadashi Hayakawa
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Label Kadokawa Bunko
Released 2015-09-24
Volumes 1

Cyborg 009 vs Devilman: Treacheries - Uragirimono-tachi (サイボーグ009VSデビルマン トゥレチェリイズ~裏切り者たち~) or Cyborg 009 vs Devilman: Treacheries - The Traitors is a novel written by Tadashi Hayakawa based on the original works of Japanese cartoonists Shotaro Ishinomori and Go Nagai.

The book is a promotional item for the 2015 original video animation Cyborg 009 vs Devilman. It is a prequel of the events narrated in the animation. The 302 page novel was published by Kadokawa Shoten, under its Kadokawa Bunko imprint, and was released on sale on 2015-09-24, ISBN 9784041031575.

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